You make recreation on USAG Alaska possible by follwoing the law.

  To determine if a Training Area is Open or Closed, review the Interactive Map

Seasonal Updates:

1. Review the 2021 Hunting Maps to plan your fall on USAG Alaska managed lands. 

2TA 114 and Ladd Airfield Approach East will be open 16 July until the wood is gone. Wood Cutters are required to check in to TA 114.

3. If you come accross something out-of-place, use the USAG Alaska Reporting System to submit a location and photo, Including Invasive Species

4. All Fort Wainwright Recreation Maps are GPS Enabled and can be used on your mobile device.

How to Gain Recreational Access to USAG Alaska managed lands:

1. Recreation Access Permit (RAP): You can obtain a RAP on this website by selecting Register on the blue menu bar at the top of the home page. When you register you will be obtaining your RAP at the same time.

2. Check In: You may check-in through this website by selecting Check In on the blue menu bar at the top of the home page, or by calling the automated phone. When checking in with iSportsman, please remember that you must have a valid RAP. You cannot check-in to areas that are closed for training. There is no checkout system.


Automated Phone Check-in: 877-250-9781
Technical issues - leave a message: 907-361-9684
Report violations / wounded wildlife907-353-7535


U.S. Army Garrison Alaska (USAG Alaska) is near the cities of Fairbanks, North Pole, and Delta Junction in interior Alaska and is the fourth largest Army training area in the United States. USAG Alaska consists of Fort Wainwright Main Post, Fort Greely Main Post, Tanana Flats Training Area, Yukon Training Area, Donnelly Training Area, Gerstle River Training Area, Black Rapids Training Area, and Whistler Creek Training Area. Recreational activities are permitted on USAG Alaska managed lands providing those activities do not conflict with the military mission or training activities. The USAG Alaska iSportsman system has been established to facilitate public recreational access to Army land and to keep you informed of training area closures. 

All recreational users on USAG Alaska managed lands, 16 years of age or older, must register for an account with iSportsman and obtain a RAP. All users must check-in on the USAG Alaska iSportsman system before recreating. The RAP is free and good for 2 years. You can check-in the day of, or the day before, you access Army land for up to 14 days. Check-out is not required.

All areas that are determined open for recreational use may be closed temporarily during periods of military use. Recreational areas are areas that are open to all types of recreation, including off-road vehicles (ORVs). Off-Limit and Impact Areas are restricted to public access and use year round.


Please leave an ICE Comment if you would like to offer recommendations on how to improve your experiance on this website. You can also leave a comment to alert DPW Environmental to any issues or concerns you have regarding recreation on USAG Alaska Army lands. Comments can be anonymous if that is your preference.