Wood Cutting on Fort Wainwright lands is permitted only in areas designated by the Garrison Forester.  Individuals that want to harvest trees for firewood must first obtain and carry on their person a Fort Wainwright Recreation Access Permit (RAP) and Fort Wainwright Wood Cutting Permit.

Wood Cutting Permits cost $30.00 ($10.00 per cord, 3 cord minimum purchase - 10 cord maximum) and can be paid with a credit card on-line.  

Wood Cutting Permit Terms and Conditions

Wood Cutting Area Maps


How obtain a Wood Cutting Permit on this website:

You can obtain a wood cutting permit on this website or at any of the 2 kiosks located at the Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely Main Gate Visitor Centers (Greely is closed on weekends).

To obtain a wood cutting permit:

  1. You must first obtain a Recreation Access Permit (RAP) you must Register for an isportsman account by selecting 'Register' located at the top of this pages task bar.

  2. Once you have created your account select 'Acquire Permit(s)' then select the Wood Cutting Permit and follow the prompts for payment.

    Additional cords can be purchased the same way as indicated above. Additional cords can only be purchased if you already have a wood cutting permit. Go into your USARTRAK/isportsman account and select 'Acquire Permit(s)' then select 'Additional Wood Cutting Cord Permit' and follow the prompts for payment.


More Useful Information on Wood Cutting

BTU-Weight-Load Capacity-Cord Estimation Handout


Timber Sales

For information on timber sales, please call 907-361-4539 or 907- 361-9318