Bear Baiting on Fort Wainwright Lands is permitted provided that hunters register their bait station(s) with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) and Fort Wainwright Natural Resources, obtain and carry on their person a Fort Wainwright Recreational Access Permit (RAP) and all hunting licenses and permits required by the State of Alaska.

Bear bait registration for the Yukon, Tanana, Donnelly, and Gerstle River Training Area can be done at the Fort Wainwright Environmental Natural Resource Office Building 3023 Engineer Place.  For information or to make an appointment to register a bait station please call the Fort Wainwright Natural Resources office at (907) 361-9686  during regular business hours 7:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F. Remember Army training takes priority over recreation, the area you wish to bear bait in might be off limits to bear baiting or could be closed for training. Check the off-limits bear baiting areas under the Maps Tab or click Here:  Tanana Flats and Yukon Training Areas (TA's) or  Donnelly, Gerstle River Training Areas (TAs)

Fort Wainwright Bear Baiting Regulations:

Black Bear Baiting is an early spring activity and is allowed in the Tanana Flats, Yukon, Donnelly and Gerstle River Training Areas; however the following restrictions apply:

  • You must register your bait station with ADF&G first and then with Fort Wainwright Natural Resource or Donnelly Training Area Natural Resource office.
  • You may not register a bait station in Unit 20 unless you have successfully completed the  ADF&G Bear Bait Clinic.
  • Bear bait stations may be registered 15 days prior to the season opening, usually the first working day of April. 
  • No bait station will be allowed closer than ½ mile from the next bait station.
  • No bait station will be allowed within ¼ mile of a publicly maintained road, trail, or stocked lake.
  • No person will set up a bait station within 1 mile of a school, business, permanent dwelling including seasonally-occupied cabins, developed recreational facility or campground, business,  stocked lake, designated training facility, firing point, observation point (OP), bivouac, or Battery.
  • An individual may set up two bear bait stations on the Donnelly, Gerstle River or in the Tanana Flats TA.  Only one stand per hunter may be set up in the Yukon TA; however a second stand may be set up in other locations.
  • Bait stations; including barrels, buckets, stands, trash, and contaminated soil must be completely removed at the close of the baiting season. (June 30)

How to register a bear bait station on Fort Wainwright Lands:

  • Make sure you have a current Recreation Access Permit (RAP).
  • Register bait station with ADF&G.
  • Register bait station with the Army. For bait stations in the Yukon, Tanana Flats Training Area, Donnelly or Gerstle River Training area  go to the Fort Wainwright Natural Resources Office or call for appointment (907) 361-9686.  
  • To view the 2018 Bear Baiting off-limit areas and other recreation maps. Click Here

What to bring with you to register with the Army:

 Recreation Access Permit.

  1. ADG&G bear bait registration number.
  2. Hunting license number. 
  3. Grid location (Lat and Long) of bait station(s).
  4. If other people are going to hunt at your bait station we will need their name, hunting license number and recreation access permit number.

All bear bait registrants and other hunters that are going to hunt at the registrants bait station need to be issued a bear bait permit. This permit will be added to the recreation access pass.

Reporting your harvest:

For state bear baiting regulations, see the current ADF&G Bear Baiting Seasons and Requirements.

For more information about bear baiting on Fort Wainwright Lands including closed/off-limit areas please refer to the Fort Wainwright Outdoor Recreation Supplement.