Trapping on USAG Alaska Lands. All State laws apply; seasons and bag limits are the same as the state.  


Trapping Liscense Requirements

You are required to have a trapping license if you are 18 years of age or older. See State of Alaska Trapping Regulations for license requirements.


How to Register:

*All traplines located on USAG Alaska lands must be registered with the Natural Resource Specialist 907-361-4539

  1. Register for an account with iSportsman at and obtain your Recreation Access permit (RAP)
  2. Sign into your iSportsman account and click on the ‘Acquire Permits’ tab again. Select Trapping Permit 2018-2019. Follow the prompts to finish free payment.
  3. Call the Natural Resource Specialist 907-361-4539.


  • Do not block trails; they are open to ALL recreational users.
  • No trapper may have exclusive rights to any particular area.
  • Trap identification restrictions apply (see ADFG Trapping Regulations).
  • Fort Wainwright Main Post is closed to trapping except below the high water mark between the banks of the Chena River.  You must obtain a special trapping permit from ADFG to trap on the lower Chena River. This area is within GMU 20B, Fairbanks Management Area.
  • Spotlighting, use of artificial light, or shooting after dark is prohibited on Fort Wainwright Main Post.
  • See ADFG Trapping Regulations.

*Please make sure you sign into iSportsman online or by phone before going out.

Fort Wainwright Tanana Flats and Yukon Training Area; Donnelly East and West, and Gerstle River Training Areas are open to trapping. To view areas available for recreation please go to to view Fort Wainwright Training Area maps.