What do I have to do in order to recreate on military lands?

  1. Register for a Recreation Access Permit (RAP)
  2. Check in using the USAGAK website or by calling the automated USAGAK phone system. (Toll Free 877-250-9781)


Where do I get a Recreation Access Permit (RAP)?

You can register for a RAP online, or in person at the Fort Wainwright Natural Resources Office (Bldg 3023), Fort Wainwright Visitor Center, the Fort Greely Visitor Center, or the Donnelly Training Area Natural Resources Office in the hangar at Allen Army Airfield on Fort Greely.


Do I need to check into every Training Area I travel thru?

  • No you do not need to check into every area you are traveling thru.
  • You are allowed to sign into as many areas as you like, but you are only required to sign into the areas you will be recreating in.
  • USAGAK advises you to sign into only those areas you will be recreating in.