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What do I have to do to recreate on military lands?

  1. Register for a Recreation Access Permit (RAP)
  2. Check in using the USAGAK website or by calling the automated USAGAK phone system. (Toll Free 877-250-9781)


Where do I get a Recreation Access Permit (RAP)?

You can register for a RAP online. If you have any questions, please call 907-361-9684, and leave a message.


Do I need to check into every Training Area I travel through?

  • No you do not need to check into every area you are traveling through.
  • You are allowed to sign into as many areas as you like, but you are only required to sign into the areas you will be recreating in.
  • USAGAK advises you to sign into only those areas you will be recreating in.


How can I check-in if I am traveling through Army land, all the Training Areas are closed, but the road is open?

When selecting activities during check-in, select "Other Recreation", and you will be able to check-in to a road.


Technical issues: leave a message at 907-361-9684 or email: