Members of the Fort Wainwright, Fort Greely, and greater Fairbanks and Delta Junction communities may obtain a permit to cut Christmas trees on Fort Wainwright lands from November 22 until December 25 this year. 


Before you go to cut a Christmas tree:

All individuals over the age of 16 who participate in Christmas tree harvest must be in possession of a Recreation Access Permit (RAP) obtained online on the iSportman website.  As with other recreational land use, Christmas tree cutting permit holders must check-in using the USARTRAK/isportsman system prior to recreating on USAG Alaska training lands.  Christmas Tree Cutting should be selected as the permit holder’s desired activity during the check-in process.


Christmas Tree Cutting Permits need be obtained online, are free of charge, and are designated to one tree per household.  Christmas Tree Cutting Permits can be obtained online under the “Acquire Permit” button in your account.  

*A Christmas tree is defined as a live standing tree under 10 feet (3.05 meters), still in the ground.  The Christmas Tree Cutting Permit is for Christmas Trees only.  All trees over 10 feet require a wood cutting permit, which can be obtained online under the “Acquire Permit” button in your account.


Christmas Tree Cutting Areas:


Christmas tree care:

After cutting your Christmas tree, proper care will allow it to be enjoyed safely through the holidays.  Prior to placing the tree in a stand, the trunk should be re-cut approximately 1 inch above the old cut and placed immediately in water.  Check water levels frequently and ensure your tree has an ample, constant supply of water to remain fresh and safe.  Depending on the size, species, and location of the tree, it may absorb a gallon of water in the first day.  Trees that are allowed to dry out before being re-watered will not be able to absorb moisture and will shed their needles prematurely.  

In your home, be sure to locate your Christmas tree in a safe place, preferably near a wall or corner and away from heat sources such as baseboard heaters, space heaters, hot air ducts, wood stoves, and fireplaces that can dry the tree out and present a fire danger.  Ensure that light cords and connections used to decorate the tree are in good working condition.  Lights should always be turned off at bedtime or when leaving for an extended period of time.


For questions regarding Christmas tree cutting permits contact the DPW Environmental Division at (907) 361-9684.